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It was exactly last year that I was going through anxiety & depression for the first time. It was the worst feeling I’ve had ever in my life, It started with insomnia few times which every time took 4-5 nights during which I was not able to sleep and had to walk around the whole night with heart palpitations and restlessness to the next day, carrying all the tiredness & stress with me to another day. Then I got panic attacks and every time I had to end up in hospital since I was experiencing weird pains & heaviness in my chest, neck, shoulders & difficultly in breathing. The medical results & tests were saying I was 100% fine ... but I was not! 

The distance between panic attacks got shorter until one day I totally collapsed... I didn’t know what to do I was all pain and negativity & hopeless and all I wanted was someone to help me. 

My first session with Nathalie, and just after a few minutes of talking, I was finally able to cry after a very long time which was already a great start for my healing. Other times we met & talked along with home work she gave helped me slowly release my anger & sadness & it was truly MAGIC! 

I felt much lighter, my sleeping issues were solved and the panic attacks became much less till everything got back to normal which was just the start of the healing!!!!

All practices Nathalie taught me became a life style & I am still doing them every time I feel I’m carrying anger or sadness. When you feel this magical healing you will be more amazed by what you can do for yourself without taking any medication or chemicals.

Thank you Nathalie for being a big light in my dark days 🙏



Whole-hearted recommendation! 

Many of you know what it means to grow a business, manage a baby, family and a team of employees that keeps growing! 

I am blessed to have an amazing business growth, but when it all comes together with hiring staff almost monthly, baby of 11 months home and new clients personalized requests, you need to joggle it all and stay “ focused”, “ positive”, “ motivated”, “ sane”. 

I am strong, positive, successful- you’d think why not be happy? But it’s hard, I’m sure you all know it’s hard to keep on the track and allow yourself to put hands down and rest, mentally first of all so you keep a steady growth and don’t lose it all .

I have had a chance to meet Nathalie Khalaf from Taabeer Personal Coaching LLC and I can’t explain in words how amazing she is! How her visual examples and guiding helped me put the right questions to myself and go inside the deepest fears and uncertainties! 


In one session I left flying, I felt easy, at peace with myself, family, business expansion plans, responsibilities, everything! It all made sense! How? Why? Because she allowed me to focus on what I thought important and guided me in how to live through the fears. 

Sorry for the lengthy post, but if you need to talk to someone who without too much intrusion helps you focus to your inner self and guides you to find the right solutions within your experiences, expectations and strengths, SHE IS THE ONE.

Thank you Nathalie for turning my world upside down and giving me the right support and advise so I can feel strong and follow my success confidently! 


Manna Rheuben

To awaken is hurtful... The heart beats more rapidly and your mind overwhelms you with just one thought: I don't want to awake further. I don't want to keep on feeling this anguish, this oppression on my chest and this willingness to cry for a reason that is neither clear nor important to most of the people.

Your friends and family will tell you you just had a bad day, to wake up and to change the way you think, but it's not so easy. It's not like pulling off a sweater for another one and magically feeling happier. You go back to being worthless, the other people continue with their lives and you are left feeling tired and sad, despite having people around you.

I met Nathalie some time ago, but I was not aware of the process she had gone through. On a sad day for me we began to chat and, finally, I found someone who understood what I was talking about! Someone who knew what it was like to feel the way I was feeling.

She has guided me through my thoughts and feelings. I found out I had a lot of suppressed emotions and frustrations, things that had made me accept situations that were not normal. Nathalie has helped me raise my voice and express myself. She has helped me overcome certain situations and manage my daily life without breaking down.

Thank you Nathalie,



I’ve been feeling very good lately. Have no more panic, no more heart pulpitations. I feel more relaxed and at ease. I know now how to deal with my anger and how to express my emotions. I understand things so much better now and learnt how I need to express instead of block. I have learnt more solutions with Nathalie than anyone else before.


Feeling very grateful for all the useful information & techniques Nathalie shared with me, just in one session. I felt it was so useful to me, made me open up my thinking and shift my perspective about so many things I already knew before, especially when it comes to self love being connected to loving the child in me. Big thank you Nathalie.


What’s the point of talking to someone else about your problems? How’s that ever going to solve them? That’s what I lived by for almost all my life, which made me an expert in blocking my feelings and bottling them up thinking that was going to save me. Until one day they blew up and life became a constant struggle. Then I met Nathalie who is one of the most genuine, non judgemental people I know. She’s helped me overcome my anxiety and my constant fear and worry by simply going over my life details. She’s given me solutions to problems no one has ever suggested. She simply changed the way I think and taught me a lot about how life really works. Once you decide to really open up to her and allow urself to truly connect with your feelings, u’ll start seeing remarkable results. Whether its the session discussions we had or the exercises I was taught to practice, a heavy weight has been lifted off and I feel much more at ease right now and I feel that I have more control of my life events and circumstances. 

The most important lessons I’ve learnt are:

1. The power of your thoughts. You can shape your life they way you want it to be.

2. Accept all feelings and feel them deeply. That’s what makes us whole.

3. You get what you tolerate. Blaming others for what happens to you won’t do you any good.



Working with Nathalie has been, without a doubt, one of the most liberating endevours I have embarked on. Nathalie helps you become aware of feelings, beliefs and patterns that have shaped your life up to this morment and then guides you as you grow your awareness and let go of the unwanted. Prepare yourself for an emotional journey to self-awareness and becoming intune with your inner wisdom. Nathalie helps you develop tools to build the future you aspire to. 


Nathalie Khalaf was the magical councellor who helped me most process my grief. She said one statement that somehow clicked and my back then 3 years of endless tears came to a halt. Of course I still cry but nothing like my horror daily saga for three years. She was God sent. 

I believe in angels on earth.


"Nathalie is an excellent facilitator in helping vou get unstuck to understand yourself on a deeper level. She is kind and forthright helping you feel safe and relaxed.

Her fun loving energy is a joy to be around. She is well read and capable of helping the most difficult case. I would not hesitate to recommend her for her services.

Katrina Valente


As a holistic coach and therapist, Nathalie is self-motivated, eager to help and conscientious about her work. She's a good listener and can truly help a client process their emotions. She offers amazing workshops and is a heart-cantered professional.

Sahar Huneidi-Palmer


In Dubai's fast-paced work life, even more challenging as a mother of two and an entrepreneur I found my brain scattered all over the place and my thoughts and emotions were all intertwined together, being in the presence of Natalie's serene energy and professional approach, I felt more calm and collected from my first visit with her. I highly recommend it.

Natalie if you are feeling overwhelmed and detached from our mentally draining and challenging world, I left feeling lighter and a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Mariam Alkassab



Between my first and second sessions with Nathalie, I went through a huge shift. In my first session, Nathalie immediately made me feel safe enough to let go and release the heavv burdens which I had brought in with me. I left feeling lighter, and empowered to make life changes. I arrived for my second session completely clear-headed, motivated and confident, and Nathalie asked me just the right questions to get my creative juices flowing so that I could continue to come up with and implement all of my ideas.

Thank you Nathalie!

Sarah Babiker

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