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Holistic looks at all three levels of our being: the mental, the emotional and the physical. They are all connected. By understanding how our inner world functions, we can create more happiness and fulfilment in our outer world. 

"I am not what happened to me, 

I am what I choose to become."



About Us

About Me


"Only when I understood & accepted my own darkness, was I able to be consumed by my own light."

My name is Nathalie Khalaf and I am a Holistic Counsellor based in Dubai. My interest in the mind-body relationship began after my own personal experience of dealing with depression several times in my life, as an adolescent and young adult. I had never learnt how to express my sadness or anger, and ended up creating a false virtual mask in order to deal with life. The energy consumed by that mask eventually became too heavy to bear and led me to my breaking point. That was when I realised I could only heal once I understood how my mind and inner system worked. 


In June of 2013, I completed a 4 year course in Holistic Studies with the Munira Nusseibeh School for Holistic Studies in Amman, Jordan. It was during the course that I was introduced to the powerful mind - body connection. Since then I have taken other courses in order to expand my knowledge on the human body and psyche relationship. 


I am very passionate about my journey. The strength and knowledge which I gained have given me the opportunity to help others. My aim is to work with those who come to me with the intention to expose and heal their pain. That is when I can help them reach a deeper understanding of themselves in order to achieve happiness and more fullfillment in their lives. It is through my personal pain that I feel blessed and able to relate to my clients and their own pain.

What I Offer

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I counsel my clients into healing themselves by setting out on a journey to uncover early beliefs which may have been formed due to distress, pain or trauma.

Understanding the mind-body relationship requires digging deep into our psyche and uncovering long established images and beliefs.

Bringing those beliefs into our conscious mind, and looking at them through adult eyes helps us understand where they may have originated from, the energy blocks they have created and the patterns that resulted. The energy attached to the latter can then eventually be released, creating happiness and more fulfilment in our lives.

The counselling sessions are an hour long and take place in person or online.

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Energy Healing

Energy healing is the work done on the 'Human Energy Field' which integrates and surrounds our physical bodies. It works hand in hand with the counselling. Once a memory or belief is brought into our conscious mind by talking about it and expressing the pain attached to it, the energy blocks can be cleared and the healing process aided using hands on healing. The healing may take place in person or at long distance.

I  work with:

• Stress & Anxiety

• Anger

• Sadness

• Grief

• Depression

• Emotional blocks, and

• Relationship issues


Holistic Studies & Counselling (Diploma)

Certified Coach & Master NLP (Certification)

Adolescent Mental Health First Aid (Certification)

Emotional Freedom Technique (Certification)

Anatomy, Pathology & Physiology (DIPTAC Certification)

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)

Media & Design (Bachelor of Arts)

"Enlightenment is not a matter of imagining figures of light, but of making the darkness conscious."


Get in touch

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+971 50 657 26 22


Nathalie Khalaf

My sessions are held:
At home and online
(other Dubai based location available upon request) 

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Grow through what you go through.

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